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Fannin Middle School Library Subject Guide - Math: Math

A look at resources that are available to help students reach their academic goals and offer teachers resources for instruction and research

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Research topics in Math


  1. Exploring areas of shapes and the formulate for calculating them
  2. Significant mathematical applications in ancient Rome
  3. Euclid and his contributions to math
  4. Quick techniques for two-digit number multiplication
  5. How to count objects by sight through the fastest techniques
  6. Origin and logic of using Greek symbols in mathematics
  7. What were some major applications of mathematics in Ancient Rome?
  8. Roman and Greek Civilizations – a comparison of their contributions to mathematics
  9. Pascal’s triangle – How to find patterns
  10. Math in nature and around us
  11. Geometry as it exists in nature
  12. Easy ways to memorize algebraic expressions
  13. Early civilizations and their history with algebra
  14. Blaise Pascal and his study and contributions to probability
  15. The greatest mathematical invention in the history of mankind