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George Washington Carver ECA /Academy Library: Kid Favorites

Jokes, Riddles, Brain Teasers

Favorite Websites

If you are in Pre-K or Kindergarten, you will

know MISS NINA! Listen to her sing, play, 

and dance to familiar songs. 

cooking for kids spatulatta

Learning to Type?

kidz type

Come Travel with me!

Galveston, Oh, Galveston

All-Time Faves!

Favorite Authors

Favorite Illustrators

Wicked Cool!

Tornado Simulation!

Hemingway Cats

hemmingway polydactyl cat

What is a polydactyl cat? Famous author, Ernest Hemingway used

to keep several of them at his home in Key West, Florida.  They would surround

him as he typed away on his typewriter, creating his numerous novels.

Their paws are huge! Learn more about them by clicking on the big fella above! 

He named all of his special cats after famous celebrities, actors, and actresses.



Below is another recent article about the famous Hemingway cats during the pandemic....

(Just click on Billy Holliday)

Billy Holiday is a Hemmingway polydactyl cat


Click Here for 11 Facts about Hemmingway Cats


Sheppard Software

                                     learning games

Great Learning and FUN!

YouTubers I recommend



More Faves!

Favorite Video Clips for Learning and FUN


Animated clips with learning in mind, or character development

Lego:  The story of how they came to be appx 17m9s


A Fox and a Mouse 6m24s


Piper 9m08s



8min Recoiled: a story about being yourself!




7 Regions of Texas

Texas History Links

Favorite Chromebook Extensions/APPS


Arts and Culture

Illustrators we love

First Complete Map of Shallow Coral in the World

Write Your Own Comics!

Dinnie Stone lifting in Scotland!