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Whittier Elementary Library: FREE ONLINE BOOKS

StoryTme From Space

Story Time From Space

Books read by astronauts while in space.

(On their website, click on the title of the book not the image)

Stories to Grow By

Stories to Grow By Stories
Books, audiobooks, and reader's theater.

Inkless Tales

Inkless Tales

Stories and poems

Digital backpack for library ebooks

Student username is your 6-digit student ID number.

Password for everyone on campus is broncos!


Storyline Online

Storyline Online

Books read by actors.

International Children's Digital Library (ICDL)

Ebooks available in many languages.

Oxford Owl

Read online or download the pdf and print it out.

Unite for Literacy

unite for literacy

Ebooks wrtten in English and Spanish with the option for audio read aloud in a variety of languages.

Library of Congress Classic Books

Library of Congress

Classic books - scanned and available digitally.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

Over 60,000 ebooks in a variety of languages. 

AudioBooks                   Music

Various recordings including some presidents and inventors.