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AISD At-Home Elementary Resources: Contact Your Librarian

This guide is a comprehensive list of free on-line resources available to all AISD students, parents, and teachers.

ESC Library Contact Information


                              Library Director:  Pam Barrett

                                   Professional Library:  Valarie Olson

                                   Secretary: Veronica Hatfield:



Elementary Library Contact Information

Avondale: Molly Kyle 

Belmar: Laura Poole 

Bivins: Andrea Keller

Coronado: Traci Bennett 

Eastridge: Sharon Elam   

Emerson:  Danielle White  

Forest Hill:  Tammy Scarbrough 

George Washington Carver Academy: Susan Woods

George Washington Carver

ECA:  Susan Woods 

Glenwood:  Amanda Izard  

Hamlet:  Teresa Fleury 

Humphrey's Highland:  Carol Winn  

Elementary Library Contact Information

Lamar:  Janna Fennell 

Landergin:  Myra Borchers 

Lawndale:  Andrea Keller  

Mesa Verde:  Beth Bullock 

Oakdale:  Laura Poole

Olsen Park:  Sallie Herrmann 

Paramount:  Amanda Izard 

Park Hills:  Marsha Bazan 

Pleasant Valley:  Traci Bennett 

Puckett:  Myra Borchers 

Ridgecrest:  Meg Davis 

Rogers:  Teresa Fleury   

Elementary Library Contact Information

San Jacinto:  Susan Kohler Ray

Sanborn:  Julie Pringle

South Georgia:  Julie Pringle

Sleepy Hollow:  Meghan Robertson-Baker 

South Lawn:  Meg Hedrick  

Sunrise:  Meg Davis 

Tradewind:  Jill Swann 

Western Plateau:  Sallie Herrmann

Whittier:  Elyse Markham

Wills:  Cindy Rhoten 

Windsor:  Janna Fennell  

Wolflin:  Meghan Robertson-Baker 

Woodlands:  Kelli Smith