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Lynne McLaughlin

Lynne McLaughlin (Available at Allen on Thursdays and Friday mornings)

700 N. Lincoln

Amarillo, TX 79107


Cheryl Waldrop

700 N. Lincoln

Amarillo, TX 79107



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Battle of the Books

What is Battle of the Books?

The Battle of the Books is an independent reading incentive program for students in Amarillo ISD in which teams of students read books, write questions, and later answer questions about the books they have read. Students should be working on building their reading comprehension as they read.  We have an annual competition for the various grade levels participating. 

5th/6th GRADE BOOKS 2019-20

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Copyright for Educators

Copyright Use for Educators

Copyright Basics for Educators

This video helps teachers understand the basics of copyright, fair use, public domain, and open licensing.


The Educator's Guide to Creativity & Copyright


This video helps teachers understand the basics of copyright, fair use, public domain, and open licensing.

For more information on this topic, read the open textbook chapter:


Frequent Q&A

A. No, this violates the terms of service contract you agreed to when signing up for membership.

A. Yes, but with the following conditions: 1. You can not publish it to a public site. 2. You must remove it as soon as you are finished with the lesson. 3. You can not make money off of it (such as Teachers Pay Teachers).

A. No, this violates the brevity condition of fair use.

A. No, you may not change the format of the work. (another example: making a sound recording of a book for a student when it is available in audio format).

A. No, this is copyright infringement because it involves the entire work.

A. No, you can never copy items intended to be consumable.

A. Yes as long as it’s for educational purposes and it is not shared publicly.

A. Yes, as long as it applies to the fair use rule.